Customer Testimonials



" I will definitely use his company again. His professional attitude  and work ethic are hard to find these days. I highly recommend him. 

 I called a few smaller businesses to get service for typical pests this  time of year. One other company still hasn't returned my call. Mr  Brennan returned my call the same day and setup an appointment. He also  sent an appointment reminder the day before. He arrived early which was  great, and explained everything in great detail. 

He started spraying  and was very cordial as I asked questions while he was working. He was  very methodical about they way he did his job. He spent time being  thorough instead of just going as fast as possible. It was a very hot  day but he didn't stop until the job was complete. Even after he  sprayed, he again explained what I should expect to see as far as bug  activity. 

His prices are very reasonable, and after all that, he gave me a military discount! This is most appreciative!!" -Laurie P. 

 "I’ve been sitting outside eating my supper, listening to the sounds of 4  girls ages 11-14 yr old girls laugh and be silly, and catching up on  fb... and there are absolutely no bugs eating any of us.
I am  blessed with food to feed us; amazing happy daughters; we girls are all  blessed with wonderful friends; and we have a lovely, peaceful, fenced  in backyard to enjoy... and thanks to Brennan Pest Control, we didn’t  get eaten up like we had been prior to Cameron coming out to kill our mosquitoes and their creepy crawling friends. " -Robyn P.


" Highly recommend this company! Hired him this past week for our pest issue and I'm very glad I did! He's friendly, easy to talk to, highly knowledgeable, explains everything he's doing and you need to know in detail, and does a very thorough job. He also has the best prices in town. He'll even point out non pest related areas of concern around the house for you as he's doing his inspection. Never thought I'd enjoy the process of having my home exterminated. He's now our go to pest control expert!" -Tabatha R.

" Very professional, kind, cares about his work, takes time to explain what he's doing to you,  very detailed. I would highly recommend him to any and everyone!! " -Thomas M.

" AMAZING customer service! I love that he is passionate about his work and explains everything to you in a way you can understand. Not to mention the awesome prices! Brennan Pest Control is the ONLY company I will call from now on!" -Jennifer M.


" This company is awesome! We had  a horrible flea infestation in our home. Mr. Brennan gave us a quote,  explained what he would do and why. Not only was his price less than the  bigger companies, he didn't require us to sign a contract! The only one  we checked that didn't!
We've not seen a flea - or any other bugs since his visit.
He is thorough - checking around the house and the yard - professional and personable.
I highly recommend them! If we have a need, we will definitely use Brennan's again." -Noel G.

" Such a great experience, I decided to write my first Yelp review.

I  had a serious roach problem and started by calling some of the  well-known national exterminators. They were a pain to deal with,  refusing to even give a cost estimate over the phone. A couple of local  services weren't too friendly, either, and quoted ridiculously high  rates and long contracts.

Cameron Brennan at Brennan Pest  Control, however, made a solid first impression on the phone, taking  time to answer questions in a patient and friendly way. He offered a  quote that was well below others I'd received and did not require a  contract. We set up an appointment and when I had to reschedule, he  adjusted with no hassle.

This place was infested when he arrived.  He spent two hours going through every nook and cranny - he even opened  up a wall panel I didn't know could be opened - until he was satisfied.  He sprayed, put down traps, and filled in holes with gel bait. I was  happy with just the spray, but he insisted on being thorough.

And it worked. It's been two weeks and the infestation is over. Just like that.

He  came back today for a follow-up inspection and treatment and spent  ANOTHER hour working. There was no additional charge - it was included  in the initial cost, which was already ridiculously low. Just part of  being thorough, he said.

On both visits, he took time to explain  to me what I needed to do around my place to help control bugs (things  like quickly sweeping up dead roaches before their eggs can hatch and  not leaving pet food out all day). He's a bona fide entomologist, so he  knows his bugs better than most.

And on top of everything else, he was a genuinely nice guy.  

Could not be more pleased with the whole thing. Brennan is definitely my go-to pest control from now on." -Tony B.